1. Referral

Contact 083 9909 603 or to book an appointment for an assessment.

The appointment takes approximately 3 – 4 hours, depending on the case and/or sustained injuries.

2. Assessment

The assessment may include, but not limited to:

  • a structured interview
  • observations
  • standardised- and/or norm-referenced tests
  • work samples
  • structured tasks
  • self-reporting questionnaires.

Where indicated, a worksite visit, home visit or school visit is conducted.

3. Reports

After receipt of medical reports, the occupational therapy medico legal report is compiled, detailing:

  • Background information consisting of the medical history, the accident and sequelae and the current medical intervention.
  • Assessment of occupations (basic- and instrumental activities of daily living, leisure, education, and work)
  • Summary of assessment results.
  • Loss of life amenities.
  • Residual capacity to earn an income.
  • Recommendations regarding occupational therapy vocational rehabilitation; therapeutic intervention; assistive devices; domestic-, gardening- and/or handyman assistance; personal care; transport and home adaptations.