We offer:

    • Medico-legal assessments (personal injury and road accident fund claims)
    • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s)
    • Vocational rehabilitation, including case management, work hardening, reasonable accommodations

The medico-legal process:

1. Referral

An attorney, employer or health care provider makes an appointment for an assessment.

It is important to attend the appointment at the scheduled time. The appointment takes approximately 2 – 3 hours, depending on the case and/or sustained injuries.

2. Assessment

The assessment may include, but not limited to a structured interview, observations, standardised- and/or norm-referenced tests, work samples, structured tasks and/or self-reporting questionnaires.

Where indicated, a worksite visit, home visit or school visit is conducted.

3. Reports

A report is compiled, detailing:

Background information to the case (medical history, injuries sustained and sequelae thereof).

    • Assessment results.

    • Safe work capacity and the impact of the injuries on client’s vocational potential.

    • Loss of life amenities.

    • Recommendations regarding vocational rehabilitation; therapeutic intervention; assistive devices; domestic-, gardening- and/or handyman assistance; personal care; transport and home adaptations.