Mariska Smith is a well-qualified occupational therapist with 15-years experience in paediatrics, physical rehabilitation, mental health, employee wellness, health promotion, functional capacity evaluations (FCE’s) and medico-legal assessments of adults and children.

In 2015, she obtained her Magister Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of the Free State. The title of her dissertation was The suitability of the DTVP-2 as a measurement instrument for 5 years and 6 months to 5 years and 11 months English-speaking children in South Africa.  http://scholar.ufs.ac.za:8080/xmlui/bitstream/handle/11660/2341/SmithM.pdf;sequence=1

In 2018, she completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Vocational Rehabilitation at the University of Pretoria. She is WorkWell and ErgoScience trained. Amongst other, she also completed the following courses:

    • Psychiatric FCE
    • Hirebright Cognitive Ability Test
    • Fitness-to-drive Assessments

She also has experience in administration and scoring of Valpar work samples.


Medico-legal Assessments

Physical Functional Capacity Evaluations

Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluations

Psychiatric Functional Capacity Evaluations

Fitness to Drive Evaluations

Vocational Rehabilitation

Employee Wellness Programmes



Phone: 083 990 9603
Email: info@msot.co.za